“Guard”ian Angels, heaven sent

December 23, 2015

Protected by angels.

I stopped by the industrial center (10pmish) to scooter two of my dogs Snitch (Golden Retriever – 10) and Dimka (Doberwoman – 2).


I took Dimka first as she was hyper. We flew down the dark and empty street what must be around 20 mph’s. It was misty and cool, really refreshing. The street was dry enough to feel safe traction. Dimka had a terrific long racing gate going, her toy rings tucked in her mouth, as she likes to carry them at top speed (otherwise at slower speeds she spins them around her muzzle in boredom). She was racing along itching to get to the grass spot where she can end in a game of fetch.

Halfway down the back stretch she sees grass (if I may remind ye that we are going at a good clip) “Grass!!!!!” She cuts left. I saw she was going to do it prior, by a fraction of a sec. I touched both breaks and leaned left. I then slid both tires into a leaning slide (sideways, the opposit direction that man built tires to move) with a hellofa screech we came to a collected and elegant stop.. No thanks to Dimka. She lowered her head and grinned. She was standing on the grass…..

I said, loudly (blood still draining from my frozen face) “Dimka! What the hell??” (Nobody was around and I nearly died.) She grinned and asked to play fetch hopping up and down looking at her rings. “No, we don’t play fetch here! I’ll tell you when we are going to stop, thank you very much.” We go back to scootering (at slower speed) were she attempts this behavior two more times. *sigh* She hasn’t tried this for months, I thought she had stopped it, clearly not. We finally reached our fetch spot, just at the end of that road, and had a blast. After that we scootered on back to my truck, with no further issues, yet a little rattled. I made out a big story, to the person waiting with my Golden, of nearly dying.

…… … .

Then I take Snitch…. I thought we’d have a lovely little jog along the same path. …. .. .

We were running along the first 30% and its wonderful, Snitch is smiling. Yay!

200ft ahead near the wash and at the first turn I see a rabbit scramble across the road, nothing chased it. I made a mental note. Oh, rabbits are around its safe near the wash. We corner the bend and I look at the bike path that runs along the side of the wash. I think, glad we are scootering on the left side of the streetlight lit road, that bike path looks creepy!!
We come down the back stretch.. Again. This time there are two cars parked on the left, facing us. I notice what first appeard at that distance to be a really heavy person standing near the cars. Then the person separates into two people. When we get to about 100ft of them the male shape turns in our direction.

The man shape yells something (they are wearing puffy jackets) I initially thought they were having an animated conversation, as the woman still hadn’t turned and I was really far from them still. Then when I didn’t respond the woman half turned and they both looked at me as if waiting for response. They didn’t have threatening posture just expecting. I realized then from their jacket patches that they were security guards. I relaxed a bit and said, “Excuse me? Did you say something to me? I didn’t hear you.”

The male then said, “You are being followed!”
Me: “What?”
Male: “There are two coyotes following you!”
I stop just past them and turn around: “OMG!!!!”
Male: “You didn’t know you were being followed, did you?”
Me: “No!”
Male: “They are still coming. Two of them, no four!”
It’ll be more than that I thought….

The coyotes were still charging down the middle of the street right at us. Two had seperated, one on each sidewalk, across the street from each other. The two on the sidewalk charging a good clip ahead of the two in the street. There would be one in front. When a pack splits like that they are going in for the attack. The one in front will make a first, silent and sudden first appearance, blocking path. That one will often bark/howl/yip to get attention. The victim will turn around to flee and find the two behind blocking exit.. Its the two on the sidewalk that would attack first. (This happened to Snitch and myself when he was really small)

Me: “OMG, they are still coming!”
Male: “Its okay as long as we are here.”
I thought, do they have guns??
Me: “I thought we would be safe with the scooter, speed and Snitch being big.”
Male and female: “No”
Male: “They don’t care about that.”

Wow! These two guards weren’t there when I scootered Dimka at a faster clip, the screaching tires must have saved us. Our angels put these two guards there and in a position to see what was about to happen literally RIGHT where they needed to be to save us. They were parked there with their doors open. I honestly think they saved Snitch. It would have been bad if they started attacking. Not neighborhood dog attack, but hungry enough to take us both on attack. I never, never would have thought that would happen. (Articles online state they don’t go after big dogs or humans…. Wrong!!!!) Wow. We were really far from my truck.

I was about to jump into their car with Snitch when the coyotes slowed, stopped, and stood staring. They realized we were there with other humans, it formed a pack, more of a threat. The coyotes turned around and headed in the direction they came, from the wash. I thanked the guards profusely for helping us. The male told us to be careful. The woman said to scooter in daylight, (yeah, when industrial center is full of drivers) I almost asked them to pace us back to my truck, but the coyotes were heading in other direction. In hindsight I really should have.

So I go back to my truck with a different perspective on dying. And ran Snitch/fetch in smaller grass next to my truck to make him happy, as the normal patch was way too close to ground zero.

I drove back through the scooter path telling the person with me the story, and, again, shouted my thanks out the window to the two guards (they were strolling down the sidewalk talking) and wished them a Merry Christmas. They were smiling, said the same, happy to have helped.

Again, educated. I never would have thought that would happen… Digging out my stun baton (check your local laws) and party horn to attach to scooter.

Yay for rental cops! Yay for these two angels ‘disguised’ as rental guards!

That was our evening.

 © Trilby



(Image: blackstars.biz)

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The spirit in the parking lot

About four years ago I had driven to the other side of my valley to run an errand. I was reminded of this experience, because like this week, it was the first really long heatwave of the year. Outside temp had been around 106˚F then too.

I had made my purchases and headed back out across the parking lot to my truck. I’m one of those people who park in the back in the empty parking spaces at the rear of a lot to protect my ‘baby’ from other drivers. By the time I climbed in I was considering moving to a milder climate. I turned my truck on and waited a few min for the AC to bring the internal temp of a blistering 120˚F (from sitting-in-the-sun) back down to comfortable, and then decided to head out.

I checked my rear mirror, as I put the truck in reverse, nothing there. I then in rotation scanned my left mirror, rear again, then right mirror (still no obstacles in sight)  I turned my torso around to eventually look out the rear window, as I made to reverse.

I was startled to see a grey transparent form directly behind my truck on the drivers side. And then as if this form/spirit wanted me to see it, in a type of memory, I then remembered what it wanted me to see it as. Confusing, but it’s the best way I can describe it — when I think back what I saw was the grey shadow, but ‘attached’ is a clear visual. He was a young man late teens, early twenties. He had shaggy surfer type dark blond hair. He was wearing a dark grey t-shirt with a white emblem on the left front breast area (though I can’t make out the design)

This all happened in the blink of an eye. One second it was behind my truck, the next it wasn’t. I would have thought it was the heat playing with me, but it was too detailed.. too clear. I was also hydrated and feeling fine. When I tried to ask who it was the name James came to me very strongly. It was the name pictured in block type letters in my mind. That was the end of the experience.

I went home to search the internet for deaths in the area, hoping for some match to what I saw. Nothing. I then searched the name James. Still came up empty.

I still feel him in that area when I visit the parking lot. He’s a peaceful spirit, I didn’t get any dark feelings nor did I feel threatened, though startled yes. One min nobody is around and the next someone is standing directly behind you while you are in reverse. I was hoping to help him, but it seems he either didn’t need it or maybe he received it from someone else. Maybe he was just a wondering soul wanting someone to know he was there. I just hope he isn’t stuck.

Peace to you, James. If that is your name, or not, I hope you find your way.


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Dark shadow and orb

Five years ago the mother of another childhood friend passed away from a long battle with cancer. This family also lived on my street and they were familiar with the father who I wrote of earlier.

My friend who had moved to Canada to go to college, later met a young woman and married her deciding to stay in the country. I hadn’t been in contact with him for a couple of years. Last being a summer visit home. And brief at that. I had in fact lost contact with him and even through I ran several internet searches, came up empty. He comes from my generation of not liking facebook and other social media sites, great for privacy lovers like us, but bad when you need to catch up with old friends.

About a week or so after his mothers passing, it was late in the evening, and everyone else in the home was in bed. I was walking into my laundry room. It’s a room/hallway off the tv room that leads into the garage.

I was in the doorway to this area with the kitchen light shining from my back, through the tv room lighting my way in the direction I was headed. It was then that a human type shadow broke the light on the surfaces in front of me, as if someone tall had walked behind me from right to left.

This startled me something dreadful to the point I couldn’t turn around right away. I had a sick feeling with it. I knew it couldn’t be any family in the house as they wouldn’t do such a thing without announcing themselves, also wouldn’t explain the feeling. Also from the direction this shadow headed would mean that I would have seen whoever it was in the tv room while passing through, as the only exits are on the side of the room it was heading when it walked behind me.

Feeling the blood drain from my face and a bit chilly I forced myself to turn around. I did. Nothing was there. This gave me the courage to search the house. Everything was secure and as it should have been.

I came back downstairs and into the kitchen and a dark orb floated in front of my face in a frantic twirling motion — like a moth escaping something. Then it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. I had never seen a dark orb before nor since. *taps on wood* That also gave me that sick/heavy feeling surrounding me.

I feel pretty strongly that this was my friends mother and she was trying to communicate with me. I told her I knew it was her and she had to leave, she wasn’t welcome and it was time for her to move on. She couldn’t stay in or around my home or family or myself. If she needed something she would have to go to someone else. I then cracked some windows and smudged the house with white sage and asking my guides to remove everything negative. It wasn’t until I finished this cleansing that the feeling finally let up and left.

My friends mother never gave you the feeling she liked you, always looking down her nose at you, though I never gave her reason to think that way of me. I looked after their home and cats whenever they went away in my youth. My friend claimed himself she had issues with just about everyone. I’ve pondered once or twice if this isn’t why she became so sick herself.

Was she sorry for her behavior here on earth and trying to say so? Or was she just using me to get some message across? I’ll not know. I don’t want to know, especially with the way she went about attempting to get my attention.

In the end I hope she’s found some form of peace, for her kind husband and sons sake, wherever she may now be.


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Visit from a friends father

This past Feb I opted to lay down on the futon here in the quiet and dark study, as I often do when I have a headache that is threatening to become a migraine. I was laying there with a cool cloth over my eyes for a couple of hours before it started to let up. I was gazing at the ceiling, bringing myself back to reality when I felt a presence to the left of the futon at the same time I saw movement. I looked to that side and saw a tall human shaped shadow. It wasn’t threatening, I had the feeling it was trying to get my attention though.. this form intentionally let me see itself.

I waited. I wasn’t forming any coherent thoughts yet, so didn’t bother asking what it wanted. It didn’t become solid, it just stood there apparently watching me, and then a moment or two later it was gone both in feeling and from sight.

The next day I found out the father of one of my childhood friends passed away, on my birthday of all days (I’ll always think of that now) a few days before.

He was a quiet and respectful military man, served in Viet Nam, Air force, football/or USsoccer coach. Strict with his kids, but always kind to me. He would just stand and watch me, it was eerie a bit I have to admit. I think after having terrors for sons he didn’t know how to react to me, or maybe he couldn’t understand what I saw in his sons to be such good friends with one of them (I’ve always seen the kindness in the one, which is what he’s always shown me). I know this ‘shadow’ must have been his father, as it was that same sort of presence — the watching, the quiet… as if wanting to say something, but not sure what to say. It couldn’t have been coincidence of finding out about his passing the next day either.

I plan to tell my friend about this experience sometime in the future when I feel he’s ready to hear it. He’s naturally still too raw right now.

Peace to you, sir. The heavens add another guardian to their ranks.

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Odd happenings

I was watching The Haunting tv show with my family this past weekend, they were running a marathon. Its a re-inactment of ‘real events’ which  (in my humble opinion) are usually grossly blown up and out of proportion for entertainment purposes.

In this epsiode there was a single mother who had purchased a home which turned out to be haunted. The ex husband was over trying to convince her that the home wasn’t haunted, and was trying to find a way to tell her she might want to talk to a shrink. Thought also crossed his mind that she was lonely, and was using this as ploy to get him back into her life again. That was the basics of the scene…

At this point he stood up and demanded to the house or whatever was in it, to move something or do something, to prove something was there, to show itself. Silence. Nothing happened. It was then that the fan attached to my microwave over my stove turned on all by itself.

My family and I all exchanged looks. Then I said, “Hey! We are not participating in this tv show! You do not belong here, get out now!” Not a comfortable experience. I stood up walked over to it and turned it off. That was the end of it. Thank goodness.

The only other time something like that happened was the same kitchen, but old 70’s type solid stove/microwave unit (not the same micro — that was long ago replaced) This was back in the early 90’s and we were watching a magician show on tv. He had said to the audience at home to bring a broken electronic item to the tv room and he would fix it. A member or my family, for kicks, went into the kitchen and stood by the microwave.

The magician on tv then said to the effect “Now everyone at home all concentrate at the same time on making the broken object work.” This went on for something like a min of silent concentration, he then told the audience to turn on their objects.

To my families amazement, the microwave which hadn’t worked in many months turned on. It was the first time in months, and never worked again after that either. Eerie!

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Ever listen to that little itch-like feeling..?

  Have you ever had anything happen to you that you couldn’t explain? Could it be a guardian angel or your higher self, or other protecting you? tiny feather

  Just a couple examples…

  Once I was coming out of a side-street (image thumbnail above for a visual) I was approaching the intersection to make a right turn, I happened to have a green right arrow at the time. It was about that time that a very insistent feeling came over me. It wasn’t a voice, I just knew something was about to happen, something was wrong and I needed to be careful. It was then that it just came clear to me and it was one of the few times I said out loud before it happened (to the person in my truck with me) “Someone is about to pull an illegal Uie, right in front of us”. Just then I reached the intersection and had to slam on the breaks as sure enough, someone pulled a U-turn cutting me off. I slammed on my breaks and at the same time my horn (my foot goes on the breaks because of an idiot they are going to hear about it) blank expression on the other driver.  Grrr.

   The person I was with said, “Wow!” Then, “How did you know that was going to happen?” Me “I just did”. You can’t put that sort of thing into words. You don’t get enough of a warning to prepare a thought process, just two options, either you do as warned or you don’t and live the consequences.

  Most people think back on an event that went wrong in their lives and can think of at least one if not a handful of these types of warnings. After those terrible bombings last week several callers who came on the air through the news said, “My friend who was in the race, her leg cramped up delaying her a few min, that’s never happened to her before..” and many others like it.

   Another example of my own. a couple of Easter sundays ago I was in a gas station (again image thumbnail above) I had that horrible feeling again. When something bad is about to happen its a heavy feeling, annoying. Almost like someone sitting on your chest, but instead of a localized sensation like that it was a heavy feeling all around me. As if something outside of me was trying to gain my attention. I was delaying as much as possible waiting for this feeling to lighten up, as it often will if I just wait long enough for some time to pass. The person I was with was going bonkers wanting to leave. I had filled my tank with gas, then I decided that I needed to fill my handbags purel bottel with the bigger one I keep in my truck “It’s a little low”. It was easier to delay like this then actually say, “Well, I have this weird and very overpowering feeling that if we leave right now… something really bad will happen… so I’m staying put… and consequently.. so are you”. 

   Now to jump to the action. At that time if I had left when I finished pumping gas we would have been front vehicle in the left hand turn lane in the picture (green circle). Instead I had delayed just long enough that by the time we pulled out of the gas station we had the unpleasant experience of baring witness to a drunk slam into that poor soul who took our place. First were the squeel of tires, then the white mid 90’s SUV came plowing around that corner on two tires and slammed into the front left corner of a white truck. I parked my truck in the middle of the road and ran down. In this time the drunk in the SUV had made to back away and take off, this is when two other witnesses in monster trucks (raised, etc) boxed him in. It took a few seconds for the drunk to realize what was up, he then proceeded to exit his SUV and run into the shopping centre which also held the gas station we were just in. Both men in the monster trucks take off after him. It was then that I left my cautious approach and ran down to the truck.

  Turns out the guy didn’t just hit anyone.. it was the areas police chiefs daughter and son in law. (Ouch! For the drunk when he sobered up – yes they easily caught him. I was told they both jumped him like a football player, they came back with big grins on their faces hauling the drunk back to the waiting cops) The couples truck was totaled. The husband had whiplash and we had trouble keeping him sitting, the wife (PC daughter) banged up her knees. It made me feel bad that it was them instead of me. Avoidance guilt? My truck was a heck of a lot smaller than theirs had been, so I fear we would have faired far worse. At any rate, I hope they healed up.

  Anyone ever had a similar experience?

©Trilbytiny feather
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The mailbox and a guardian angel

Wrought iron mail boxes. They have decorative elegance, they are sturdy… unassuming. You see them in almost every neighborhood.

   Back in my teens the neighborhood kids and I used to hang out on the street in the late evenings, we’d wander around and sit on the curbs and talks for hours, typical stuff. One evening we decided to ‘hang-out’ just outside our street, which was out of the norm for us. We sat down on the curb next to one of these innocent mailboxes.

Click thumbnail for larger image.
Red arrow where we sat next to what used to be one of these wrought iron mailboxes..
Blue arrow where we moved to sit later.

   I sat closest to this mailbox. I had two male friends to my right, one friend standing in the street in front of us and another standing on the sidewalk to the right of us. We sat there for, I don’t know, ten, fifteen minutes. During that time I had a horrible sinking type feeling ‘around me’. I was ignoring it as it didn’t make sense. I was listening to my friends and joining in on the chatter from time to time.

   This feeling became stronger, like an itch that needs scratching, a nagging, something impending. It felt like it was behind me in concentrate this time. I kept ignoring it. Why not? The neighborhood was quiet it was 9-10pm at night and we were keeping noise levels down. It was peaceful out.

   Again the feeling came in a wave, but this time I felt a touch on my left shoulder. I leaned back to face my two friends sitting next to me, thinking the one two seats down had reached over and tapped me on the shoulder. We made eye contact when he saw me looking at him and gave me a “What?” expression. I asked him if he tapped me, but I hadn’t seen his arm lower, in fact he was resting his upper body weight on his elbows on his knees. I said I thought I felt someone tap me. Both boys next to me said they didn’t and we resumed conversation.

   It was another few min of this strong feeling, only now I was starting to feel like we needed to move. It wasn’t words or thoughts it was like when you are sitting in the sun and you are uncomfortable and want to look for shade, so it still didn’t feel like it was a message from another being or intelligent life. I almost brought it up a handful of times, but thought it was silly.

   It was then that I felt an overwhelming feeling to move and felt the contact of a strong hand on my right shoulder from behind. I jumped turned my head and jumped to my feet at the force of the ‘message’ that time. Nobody was behind me and again nobody had any retreating limbs that might have touched me that time. For fact it felt like a hand that time, no question.

   Everyone was staring at me because of my standing so quickly and startled expression. I said nothing about what just happened, but instead said. “We need to move. I mean, lets go and sit on the curb in the shadows over there instead. It’s too open here”. When I said it that feeling subsided in a rush as if it agreed that would be much safer.

   Everyone stood up without complaint and we all slowly moved around the bend and settled on the curb where we might usually sit.

   Two min later there was a screech of tires and crashing sound and we see that sturdy, wrought iron mailbox sailing through the air, about eight feet off the ground, illuminated by headlights. It didn’t hit the ground the first time until it was about 70 feet down the hill were it proceeded to bounce and roll the rest of the way down. Quite a racket at that time of night.

   The boys and I were silent with mouths agape. The only thing you could hear was the mailbox and a running engine to a vehicle which was on the sidewalk. We then smelt cigarette smoke and saw a startled man start to walk down the hill after the mailbox. He saw us at the same time and said, “Man, I dropped my cigarette in my lap”. We replied, “Not two min ago we were sitting right next to that mailbox.” You could see the color drain from his face while he stood in his headlights.

   The boys never put two and two together that I might have predicted that, and I never said anything to them. I didn’t want them to think me weird for these types of experiences that I get.

   Since I was very young I had received little signs that there is intelligent life out there that goes otherwise unseen, a lot of things out there that we simple humans have yet to uncover or perhaps aren’t supposed to know about fully. Guardians, angels, spirit guides… god or other. This was one of the first times I learned that they could interfere with and save our lives if they choose… and if we decide to pay attention and listen to the signs.

©Trilbytiny feather
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Early encounter with the other side

   One of the earliest experiences I had was back when my family was living in the UK. I was about two or three years old at the time, my mother and I were the only ones home. I was sitting in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. The hallway was centrally located in the bungalow home,  so you could pretty much see every room from where I sat, right in the middle of the house. I was facing the kitchen, as that was were my mother was, she had her back to me and was washing up in the sink. I remember gazing at her occasionally while I played with a sack of wooden blocks.

   After a short time the light from the window on the upstairs landing changed as if someone or something had walking across the floor in front of it, this caused me to look up. It was then that I had my first encounter with a spirit/ghost whatever you want to call it. There was a solid man standing at the top of the stairs and he was staring down into me with a look on his face as if he didn’t want me there. I don’t know what his problem was that he should look at such a small child like that, an innocent child who was minding their own business. My sister and I were always quiet and well behaved, never ran around screaming nor were we destructive. This expression has haunted me all the years since.

   It was my first lesson in learning that true fear can be paralyzing. I remember wanting to look at my mother for help, but couldn’t. Even at that young age I knew there was nobody in the house other than my mother and myself, I knew this man didn’t belong and I knew that he didn’t want me there. I was stuck staring at him and he in turn glowering back at me.

   He was tall, dark short brown hair with tan pants and a red plaid (I believe that was the pattern, that detail is starting to fog) shirt. He appeared quite solid. He looked real, but in the same sense I knew he couldn’t be as I hadn’t seen my mum let him in.

   Finally I was able to lower my eyes to my mum at the sink and when I simply looked back up again he was gone. The only way he could have disappeared was to cross that window again into my parents room, and the light had not been blocked out a second time. He simply vanished. I remember getting up and tearing into the kitchen and my mother. She searched the house and found nothing. She later told me that my aunt would never go upstairs as she didn’t like the feel of the attic.

   That experience left me insecure and I became very close to my mum after that. She thinks it might have been my grandfather who had died in the house before I was born, but he had been a kind man who apparently liked children. This spirit could have been from anywhere in the local area, attached to an object or the land itself. In my heart I don’t feel he was a relation.

   I wonder if he ever moved on or if he is still miserable and possibly stuck living with others in that home.

©Trilbytiny feather

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