Murtagh message received, June 28, 2017

I still have some of Murtagh’s food that I rotate into my dogs Snitch, Dimka and Mavis’s diet. I thought to add some tonight as it has been a while.

I filled their bowls with their regular food and went to get Murtagh’s to add. I put his tattoo (on my wrist) to my heart and touched his picture, on the fridge, as I walked by it, tearing up as it was another hard moment to push through.

The cabinets I keep his food in has doors closed by magnets.

I was a foot away reaching for the handles and the doors clicked, loudly, purposefully. It made me stop. It sounded as if the doors had been open and closed with a click.

I was looking right at the doors, reaching for them, they weren’t open, they didn’t move. I heard them click though.

I gave Murtagh an even tearier ‘thank you’ and choked up telling family what just happened.

Lovely little signs. 🐾 💙




 I love, love, love you, my boy. ~mum.




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