Felt chosen by children/spirit

Just after 2:40 am I had this sudden… Undeniable, and yet very clear feeling of being “chosen” to be a mum. It’s the most difficult thing to explain. I just knew. I felt one, then, possibly, another more reserved spirit present too.

This wasn’t at all the same as having a persons spirit nearby, someone wanting to communicate or visit.. I just know they want me to be their mum. I actually spoke out loud, “No, no, no, no, no. You don’t want me to be your mother! I would be a horrible mother. I would be a horrible mother. I have mental issues, physical, a Scottish temper. I cant even look after myself, just starting to use the phone, I would be a horrible mother.” I just felt a smiling calm. Peaceful descision. It’s so hard to put into words.

Not to mention the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend. They don’t seem to project caring about that either. Have their own little plans over there… “Uh, no. I repeat. Me. Bad. Mother!!”

It’s Dimka’s second birthday, and I had promised her not to be so hard on her today. It’s been a hard time for my family lately, with horrible, (atrocious) neighbors and what that brings out of you when you are ignoring them and they keep being total aHoles.

Oh god. Please, choose someone better. Please. I love you already, but please choose someone else.

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Dark shadow and orb

Five years ago the mother of another childhood friend passed away from a long battle with cancer. This family also lived on my street and they were familiar with the father who I wrote of earlier.

My friend who had moved to Canada to go to college, later met a young woman and married her deciding to stay in the country. I hadn’t been in contact with him for a couple of years. Last being a summer visit home. And brief at that. I had in fact lost contact with him and even through I ran several internet searches, came up empty. He comes from my generation of not liking facebook and other social media sites, great for privacy lovers like us, but bad when you need to catch up with old friends.

About a week or so after his mothers passing, it was late in the evening, and everyone else in the home was in bed. I was walking into my laundry room. It’s a room/hallway off the tv room that leads into the garage.

I was in the doorway to this area with the kitchen light shining from my back, through the tv room lighting my way in the direction I was headed. It was then that a human type shadow broke the light on the surfaces in front of me, as if someone tall had walked behind me from right to left.

This startled me something dreadful to the point I couldn’t turn around right away. I had a sick feeling with it. I knew it couldn’t be any family in the house as they wouldn’t do such a thing without announcing themselves, also wouldn’t explain the feeling. Also from the direction this shadow headed would mean that I would have seen whoever it was in the tv room while passing through, as the only exits are on the side of the room it was heading when it walked behind me.

Feeling the blood drain from my face and a bit chilly I forced myself to turn around. I did. Nothing was there. This gave me the courage to search the house. Everything was secure and as it should have been.

I came back downstairs and into the kitchen and a dark orb floated in front of my face in a frantic twirling motion — like a moth escaping something. Then it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. I had never seen a dark orb before nor since. *taps on wood* That also gave me that sick/heavy feeling surrounding me.

I feel pretty strongly that this was my friends mother and she was trying to communicate with me. I told her I knew it was her and she had to leave, she wasn’t welcome and it was time for her to move on. She couldn’t stay in or around my home or family or myself. If she needed something she would have to go to someone else. I then cracked some windows and smudged the house with white sage and asking my guides to remove everything negative. It wasn’t until I finished this cleansing that the feeling finally let up and left.

My friends mother never gave you the feeling she liked you, always looking down her nose at you, though I never gave her reason to think that way of me. I looked after their home and cats whenever they went away in my youth. My friend claimed himself she had issues with just about everyone. I’ve pondered once or twice if this isn’t why she became so sick herself.

Was she sorry for her behavior here on earth and trying to say so? Or was she just using me to get some message across? I’ll not know. I don’t want to know, especially with the way she went about attempting to get my attention.

In the end I hope she’s found some form of peace, for her kind husband and sons sake, wherever she may now be.


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White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit.”

Happened to be here as the clock struck midnight on the new month.

Just a little luck to enter the new month, doesn’t hurt.

☞  (Wiki for those scratching their heads)

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Visit from a friends father

This past Feb I opted to lay down on the futon here in the quiet and dark study, as I often do when I have a headache that is threatening to become a migraine. I was laying there with a cool cloth over my eyes for a couple of hours before it started to let up. I was gazing at the ceiling, bringing myself back to reality when I felt a presence to the left of the futon at the same time I saw movement. I looked to that side and saw a tall human shaped shadow. It wasn’t threatening, I had the feeling it was trying to get my attention though.. this form intentionally let me see itself.

I waited. I wasn’t forming any coherent thoughts yet, so didn’t bother asking what it wanted. It didn’t become solid, it just stood there apparently watching me, and then a moment or two later it was gone both in feeling and from sight.

The next day I found out the father of one of my childhood friends passed away, on my birthday of all days (I’ll always think of that now) a few days before.

He was a quiet and respectful military man, served in Viet Nam, Air force, football/or USsoccer coach. Strict with his kids, but always kind to me. He would just stand and watch me, it was eerie a bit I have to admit. I think after having terrors for sons he didn’t know how to react to me, or maybe he couldn’t understand what I saw in his sons to be such good friends with one of them (I’ve always seen the kindness in the one, which is what he’s always shown me). I know this ‘shadow’ must have been his father, as it was that same sort of presence — the watching, the quiet… as if wanting to say something, but not sure what to say. It couldn’t have been coincidence of finding out about his passing the next day either.

I plan to tell my friend about this experience sometime in the future when I feel he’s ready to hear it. He’s naturally still too raw right now.

Peace to you, sir. The heavens add another guardian to their ranks.

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Odd happenings

I was watching The Haunting tv show with my family this past weekend, they were running a marathon. Its a re-inactment of ‘real events’ which  (in my humble opinion) are usually grossly blown up and out of proportion for entertainment purposes.

In this epsiode there was a single mother who had purchased a home which turned out to be haunted. The ex husband was over trying to convince her that the home wasn’t haunted, and was trying to find a way to tell her she might want to talk to a shrink. Thought also crossed his mind that she was lonely, and was using this as ploy to get him back into her life again. That was the basics of the scene…

At this point he stood up and demanded to the house or whatever was in it, to move something or do something, to prove something was there, to show itself. Silence. Nothing happened. It was then that the fan attached to my microwave over my stove turned on all by itself.

My family and I all exchanged looks. Then I said, “Hey! We are not participating in this tv show! You do not belong here, get out now!” Not a comfortable experience. I stood up walked over to it and turned it off. That was the end of it. Thank goodness.

The only other time something like that happened was the same kitchen, but old 70’s type solid stove/microwave unit (not the same micro — that was long ago replaced) This was back in the early 90’s and we were watching a magician show on tv. He had said to the audience at home to bring a broken electronic item to the tv room and he would fix it. A member or my family, for kicks, went into the kitchen and stood by the microwave.

The magician on tv then said to the effect “Now everyone at home all concentrate at the same time on making the broken object work.” This went on for something like a min of silent concentration, he then told the audience to turn on their objects.

To my families amazement, the microwave which hadn’t worked in many months turned on. It was the first time in months, and never worked again after that either. Eerie!

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A guiding hand

Anyone else been touched (other similar) by something you couldn’t see?

I have read and seen interviews of people being touched and or aided in some way by an otherwise invisible force. I love hearing these experiences, I find them so fascinating.

One story I heard that really sticks with me was a hiker taking a walk across a bluff that was over-looking the ocean, it was evening and he came too close to the edge and slipped, sliding over the edge. He mentioned this is when he very forcefully asked for help to whoever was listening. It was then that he received it. He felt firm pressure from behind (which should have been open air) and he was pressed into the cliff face and supported there. It took him a moment to find foot and hand holds and he was held until he was able to support himself, which is only when that pressure let up. He then slowly made his way back to safety. He swore it was divine intervention.

I myself have had similar experiences of being touched by something I couldn’t see (one of which I mentioned in a past post) There was another time I was running down my staircase at top speed with my hands in my pockets. I knew it wasn’t smart to do so and even remember having had my mothers voice in my head; “Never go down the stairs with your hands in your pockets” as I did it, but even that didn’t pull my hands from my pockets.

I must have been setting myself up for something awful, as several steps from the bottom, I slipped. Instead of falling, I was yanked upright by what felt like a hand gripping my collar from behind. It supported me like that till I reached the bottom, which wasn’t long, as I was still moving at some speed. When I was safe I immediately spun around to see who grabbed me. Nothing. Nobody was there.

If it had been dark in the house, no lights on and no visability I would have sworn that someone had saved me from falling. I would have searched the house to find whoever it was.

As it was.. daylight was streaming in through the windows and I could plainly see nobody was there. I felt the blood drain from my face, but it’s hard to get scared when that being who I couldn’t see didn’t hurt me, but instead saved me from getting hurt.

Now when I approach the top of a staircase I not only have that motherly voice of reminder in my mind, but also this experience.

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I love this.

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