“Guard”ian Angels, heaven sent

December 23, 2015

Protected by angels.

I stopped by the industrial center (10pmish) to scooter two of my dogs Snitch (Golden Retriever – 10) and Dimka (Doberwoman – 2).


I took Dimka first as she was hyper. We flew down the dark and empty street what must be around 20 mph’s. It was misty and cool, really refreshing. The street was dry enough to feel safe traction. Dimka had a terrific long racing gate going, her toy rings tucked in her mouth, as she likes to carry them at top speed (otherwise at slower speeds she spins them around her muzzle in boredom). She was racing along itching to get to the grass spot where she can end in a game of fetch.

Halfway down the back stretch she sees grass (if I may remind ye that we are going at a good clip) “Grass!!!!!” She cuts left. I saw she was going to do it prior, by a fraction of a sec. I touched both breaks and leaned left. I then slid both tires into a leaning slide (sideways, the opposit direction that man built tires to move) with a hellofa screech we came to a collected and elegant stop.. No thanks to Dimka. She lowered her head and grinned. She was standing on the grass…..

I said, loudly (blood still draining from my frozen face) “Dimka! What the hell??” (Nobody was around and I nearly died.) She grinned and asked to play fetch hopping up and down looking at her rings. “No, we don’t play fetch here! I’ll tell you when we are going to stop, thank you very much.” We go back to scootering (at slower speed) were she attempts this behavior two more times. *sigh* She hasn’t tried this for months, I thought she had stopped it, clearly not. We finally reached our fetch spot, just at the end of that road, and had a blast. After that we scootered on back to my truck, with no further issues, yet a little rattled. I made out a big story, to the person waiting with my Golden, of nearly dying.

…… … .

Then I take Snitch…. I thought we’d have a lovely little jog along the same path. …. .. .

We were running along the first 30% and its wonderful, Snitch is smiling. Yay!

200ft ahead near the wash and at the first turn I see a rabbit scramble across the road, nothing chased it. I made a mental note. Oh, rabbits are around its safe near the wash. We corner the bend and I look at the bike path that runs along the side of the wash. I think, glad we are scootering on the left side of the streetlight lit road, that bike path looks creepy!!
We come down the back stretch.. Again. This time there are two cars parked on the left, facing us. I notice what first appeard at that distance to be a really heavy person standing near the cars. Then the person separates into two people. When we get to about 100ft of them the male shape turns in our direction.

The man shape yells something (they are wearing puffy jackets) I initially thought they were having an animated conversation, as the woman still hadn’t turned and I was really far from them still. Then when I didn’t respond the woman half turned and they both looked at me as if waiting for response. They didn’t have threatening posture just expecting. I realized then from their jacket patches that they were security guards. I relaxed a bit and said, “Excuse me? Did you say something to me? I didn’t hear you.”

The male then said, “You are being followed!”
Me: “What?”
Male: “There are two coyotes following you!”
I stop just past them and turn around: “OMG!!!!”
Male: “You didn’t know you were being followed, did you?”
Me: “No!”
Male: “They are still coming. Two of them, no four!”
It’ll be more than that I thought….

The coyotes were still charging down the middle of the street right at us. Two had seperated, one on each sidewalk, across the street from each other. The two on the sidewalk charging a good clip ahead of the two in the street. There would be one in front. When a pack splits like that they are going in for the attack. The one in front will make a first, silent and sudden first appearance, blocking path. That one will often bark/howl/yip to get attention. The victim will turn around to flee and find the two behind blocking exit.. Its the two on the sidewalk that would attack first. (This happened to Snitch and myself when he was really small)

Me: “OMG, they are still coming!”
Male: “Its okay as long as we are here.”
I thought, do they have guns??
Me: “I thought we would be safe with the scooter, speed and Snitch being big.”
Male and female: “No”
Male: “They don’t care about that.”

Wow! These two guards weren’t there when I scootered Dimka at a faster clip, the screaching tires must have saved us. Our angels put these two guards there and in a position to see what was about to happen literally RIGHT where they needed to be to save us. They were parked there with their doors open. I honestly think they saved Snitch. It would have been bad if they started attacking. Not neighborhood dog attack, but hungry enough to take us both on attack. I never, never would have thought that would happen. (Articles online state they don’t go after big dogs or humans…. Wrong!!!!) Wow. We were really far from my truck.

I was about to jump into their car with Snitch when the coyotes slowed, stopped, and stood staring. They realized we were there with other humans, it formed a pack, more of a threat. The coyotes turned around and headed in the direction they came, from the wash. I thanked the guards profusely for helping us. The male told us to be careful. The woman said to scooter in daylight, (yeah, when industrial center is full of drivers) I almost asked them to pace us back to my truck, but the coyotes were heading in other direction. In hindsight I really should have.

So I go back to my truck with a different perspective on dying. And ran Snitch/fetch in smaller grass next to my truck to make him happy, as the normal patch was way too close to ground zero.

I drove back through the scooter path telling the person with me the story, and, again, shouted my thanks out the window to the two guards (they were strolling down the sidewalk talking) and wished them a Merry Christmas. They were smiling, said the same, happy to have helped.

Again, educated. I never would have thought that would happen… Digging out my stun baton (check your local laws) and party horn to attach to scooter.

Yay for rental cops! Yay for these two angels ‘disguised’ as rental guards!

That was our evening.

 © Trilby



(Image: blackstars.biz)

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2 thoughts on ““Guard”ian Angels, heaven sent

  1. love the title – and story!

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