Visit from a friends father

This past Feb I opted to lay down on the futon here in the quiet and dark study, as I often do when I have a headache that is threatening to become a migraine. I was laying there with a cool cloth over my eyes for a couple of hours before it started to let up. I was gazing at the ceiling, bringing myself back to reality when I felt a presence to the left of the futon at the same time I saw movement. I looked to that side and saw a tall human shaped shadow. It wasn’t threatening, I had the feeling it was trying to get my attention though.. this form intentionally let me see itself.

I waited. I wasn’t forming any coherent thoughts yet, so didn’t bother asking what it wanted. It didn’t become solid, it just stood there apparently watching me, and then a moment or two later it was gone both in feeling and from sight.

The next day I found out the father of one of my childhood friends passed away, on my birthday of all days (I’ll always think of that now) a few days before.

He was a quiet and respectful military man, served in Viet Nam, Air force, football/or USsoccer coach. Strict with his kids, but always kind to me. He would just stand and watch me, it was eerie a bit I have to admit. I think after having terrors for sons he didn’t know how to react to me, or maybe he couldn’t understand what I saw in his sons to be such good friends with one of them (I’ve always seen the kindness in the one, which is what he’s always shown me). I know this ‘shadow’ must have been his father, as it was that same sort of presence — the watching, the quiet… as if wanting to say something, but not sure what to say. It couldn’t have been coincidence of finding out about his passing the next day either.

I plan to tell my friend about this experience sometime in the future when I feel he’s ready to hear it. He’s naturally still too raw right now.

Peace to you, sir. The heavens add another guardian to their ranks.

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4 thoughts on “Visit from a friends father

  1. I like this story Inky! Your friend’s father obviously sensed something different in you…perhaps your sensitivity and openness which creates a channel for spirits. The shadow form as opposed to solid form would indicate his recent passing, so I agree with you that it was most likely your friend’s father.

    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Is this ‘shadow form’ you speak of a stage a persons spirit goes through in transition to the other side? Do they have to gather energy to present themselves in a more solid form? As I have seen spirit in both now. My beloved german shepherd (for instants) proved he is still with me in countless ways right after he passed and still does, he was so very strong just 45 min after he crossed and or had help from others on the other side or perhaps guides? The message was so clear even my family pointed out his ‘sign’ when I was otherwise going to keep it to myself. I would love to be more in tune with my own guides to ask them.

      Back to my friends father though, I wish he had said something or I had asked. He must have had a message for his family. Perhaps he did though, maybe he just needed me to tell his son I saw him?

      thx again

      • The longer a spirit is on the other side, the stronger their energy. So new spirits often communicate through electricity, like light bulbs, televisions, computers…because this is the easiest form for them. As their energy matures, so does their ability to manifest into different forms and to communicate telepathically. The “ghosts” that remain close to earth appear in a denser form which is needed to exist in our dimension, while spirits who have crossed over will often appear translucent or as a shadow figure. Your visitor might have given you a message had you been tuned in to his vibration, however you might be clairvoyant (able to see) but not clairaudient (able to “hear” thoughts). For someone who has lost a loved one, sometimes it’s enough to know that they are still around in another form. He may have visited his family but if the channel isn’t open, they wouldn’t have seen him, so perhaps he will reach them in their dreams, when the subconscious mind is at rest.

  2. Thats a lovely thought, I hope so.

    Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

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