A guiding hand

Anyone else been touched (other similar) by something you couldn’t see?

I have read and seen interviews of people being touched and or aided in some way by an otherwise invisible force. I love hearing these experiences, I find them so fascinating.

One story I heard that really sticks with me was a hiker taking a walk across a bluff that was over-looking the ocean, it was evening and he came too close to the edge and slipped, sliding over the edge. He mentioned this is when he very forcefully asked for help to whoever was listening. It was then that he received it. He felt firm pressure from behind (which should have been open air) and he was pressed into the cliff face and supported there. It took him a moment to find foot and hand holds and he was held until he was able to support himself, which is only when that pressure let up. He then slowly made his way back to safety. He swore it was divine intervention.

I myself have had similar experiences of being touched by something I couldn’t see (one of which I mentioned in a past post) There was another time I was running down my staircase at top speed with my hands in my pockets. I knew it wasn’t smart to do so and even remember having had my mothers voice in my head; “Never go down the stairs with your hands in your pockets” as I did it, but even that didn’t pull my hands from my pockets.

I must have been setting myself up for something awful, as several steps from the bottom, I slipped. Instead of falling, I was yanked upright by what felt like a hand gripping my collar from behind. It supported me like that till I reached the bottom, which wasn’t long, as I was still moving at some speed. When I was safe I immediately spun around to see who grabbed me. Nothing. Nobody was there.

If it had been dark in the house, no lights on and no visability I would have sworn that someone had saved me from falling. I would have searched the house to find whoever it was.

As it was.. daylight was streaming in through the windows and I could plainly see nobody was there. I felt the blood drain from my face, but it’s hard to get scared when that being who I couldn’t see didn’t hurt me, but instead saved me from getting hurt.

Now when I approach the top of a staircase I not only have that motherly voice of reminder in my mind, but also this experience.

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