Ever listen to that little itch-like feeling..?

  Have you ever had anything happen to you that you couldn’t explain? Could it be a guardian angel or your higher self, or other protecting you? tiny feather

  Just a couple examples…

  Once I was coming out of a side-street (image thumbnail above for a visual) I was approaching the intersection to make a right turn, I happened to have a green right arrow at the time. It was about that time that a very insistent feeling came over me. It wasn’t a voice, I just knew something was about to happen, something was wrong and I needed to be careful. It was then that it just came clear to me and it was one of the few times I said out loud before it happened (to the person in my truck with me) “Someone is about to pull an illegal Uie, right in front of us”. Just then I reached the intersection and had to slam on the breaks as sure enough, someone pulled a U-turn cutting me off. I slammed on my breaks and at the same time my horn (my foot goes on the breaks because of an idiot they are going to hear about it) blank expression on the other driver.  Grrr.

   The person I was with said, “Wow!” Then, “How did you know that was going to happen?” Me “I just did”. You can’t put that sort of thing into words. You don’t get enough of a warning to prepare a thought process, just two options, either you do as warned or you don’t and live the consequences.

  Most people think back on an event that went wrong in their lives and can think of at least one if not a handful of these types of warnings. After those terrible bombings last week several callers who came on the air through the news said, “My friend who was in the race, her leg cramped up delaying her a few min, that’s never happened to her before..” and many others like it.

   Another example of my own. a couple of Easter sundays ago I was in a gas station (again image thumbnail above) I had that horrible feeling again. When something bad is about to happen its a heavy feeling, annoying. Almost like someone sitting on your chest, but instead of a localized sensation like that it was a heavy feeling all around me. As if something outside of me was trying to gain my attention. I was delaying as much as possible waiting for this feeling to lighten up, as it often will if I just wait long enough for some time to pass. The person I was with was going bonkers wanting to leave. I had filled my tank with gas, then I decided that I needed to fill my handbags purel bottel with the bigger one I keep in my truck “It’s a little low”. It was easier to delay like this then actually say, “Well, I have this weird and very overpowering feeling that if we leave right now… something really bad will happen… so I’m staying put… and consequently.. so are you”. 

   Now to jump to the action. At that time if I had left when I finished pumping gas we would have been front vehicle in the left hand turn lane in the picture (green circle). Instead I had delayed just long enough that by the time we pulled out of the gas station we had the unpleasant experience of baring witness to a drunk slam into that poor soul who took our place. First were the squeel of tires, then the white mid 90’s SUV came plowing around that corner on two tires and slammed into the front left corner of a white truck. I parked my truck in the middle of the road and ran down. In this time the drunk in the SUV had made to back away and take off, this is when two other witnesses in monster trucks (raised, etc) boxed him in. It took a few seconds for the drunk to realize what was up, he then proceeded to exit his SUV and run into the shopping centre which also held the gas station we were just in. Both men in the monster trucks take off after him. It was then that I left my cautious approach and ran down to the truck.

  Turns out the guy didn’t just hit anyone.. it was the areas police chiefs daughter and son in law. (Ouch! For the drunk when he sobered up – yes they easily caught him. I was told they both jumped him like a football player, they came back with big grins on their faces hauling the drunk back to the waiting cops) The couples truck was totaled. The husband had whiplash and we had trouble keeping him sitting, the wife (PC daughter) banged up her knees. It made me feel bad that it was them instead of me. Avoidance guilt? My truck was a heck of a lot smaller than theirs had been, so I fear we would have faired far worse. At any rate, I hope they healed up.

  Anyone ever had a similar experience?

©Trilbytiny feather
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2 thoughts on “Ever listen to that little itch-like feeling..?

  1. I haven’t recently had a warning like that, but I wrote about knowing something was going to happen right before it did on my blog recently. This was a great post that should remind all of us to listen to that inner voice!

    • Yes, definitely. It’s hard though, as like you said it doesn’t happen so often, so when it does you really have to be paying attention.

      I’m off to check out that post of yours. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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