The mailbox and a guardian angel

Wrought iron mail boxes. They have decorative elegance, they are sturdy… unassuming. You see them in almost every neighborhood.

   Back in my teens the neighborhood kids and I used to hang out on the street in the late evenings, we’d wander around and sit on the curbs and talks for hours, typical stuff. One evening we decided to ‘hang-out’ just outside our street, which was out of the norm for us. We sat down on the curb next to one of these innocent mailboxes.

Click thumbnail for larger image.
Red arrow where we sat next to what used to be one of these wrought iron mailboxes..
Blue arrow where we moved to sit later.

   I sat closest to this mailbox. I had two male friends to my right, one friend standing in the street in front of us and another standing on the sidewalk to the right of us. We sat there for, I don’t know, ten, fifteen minutes. During that time I had a horrible sinking type feeling ‘around me’. I was ignoring it as it didn’t make sense. I was listening to my friends and joining in on the chatter from time to time.

   This feeling became stronger, like an itch that needs scratching, a nagging, something impending. It felt like it was behind me in concentrate this time. I kept ignoring it. Why not? The neighborhood was quiet it was 9-10pm at night and we were keeping noise levels down. It was peaceful out.

   Again the feeling came in a wave, but this time I felt a touch on my left shoulder. I leaned back to face my two friends sitting next to me, thinking the one two seats down had reached over and tapped me on the shoulder. We made eye contact when he saw me looking at him and gave me a “What?” expression. I asked him if he tapped me, but I hadn’t seen his arm lower, in fact he was resting his upper body weight on his elbows on his knees. I said I thought I felt someone tap me. Both boys next to me said they didn’t and we resumed conversation.

   It was another few min of this strong feeling, only now I was starting to feel like we needed to move. It wasn’t words or thoughts it was like when you are sitting in the sun and you are uncomfortable and want to look for shade, so it still didn’t feel like it was a message from another being or intelligent life. I almost brought it up a handful of times, but thought it was silly.

   It was then that I felt an overwhelming feeling to move and felt the contact of a strong hand on my right shoulder from behind. I jumped turned my head and jumped to my feet at the force of the ‘message’ that time. Nobody was behind me and again nobody had any retreating limbs that might have touched me that time. For fact it felt like a hand that time, no question.

   Everyone was staring at me because of my standing so quickly and startled expression. I said nothing about what just happened, but instead said. “We need to move. I mean, lets go and sit on the curb in the shadows over there instead. It’s too open here”. When I said it that feeling subsided in a rush as if it agreed that would be much safer.

   Everyone stood up without complaint and we all slowly moved around the bend and settled on the curb where we might usually sit.

   Two min later there was a screech of tires and crashing sound and we see that sturdy, wrought iron mailbox sailing through the air, about eight feet off the ground, illuminated by headlights. It didn’t hit the ground the first time until it was about 70 feet down the hill were it proceeded to bounce and roll the rest of the way down. Quite a racket at that time of night.

   The boys and I were silent with mouths agape. The only thing you could hear was the mailbox and a running engine to a vehicle which was on the sidewalk. We then smelt cigarette smoke and saw a startled man start to walk down the hill after the mailbox. He saw us at the same time and said, “Man, I dropped my cigarette in my lap”. We replied, “Not two min ago we were sitting right next to that mailbox.” You could see the color drain from his face while he stood in his headlights.

   The boys never put two and two together that I might have predicted that, and I never said anything to them. I didn’t want them to think me weird for these types of experiences that I get.

   Since I was very young I had received little signs that there is intelligent life out there that goes otherwise unseen, a lot of things out there that we simple humans have yet to uncover or perhaps aren’t supposed to know about fully. Guardians, angels, spirit guides… god or other. This was one of the first times I learned that they could interfere with and save our lives if they choose… and if we decide to pay attention and listen to the signs.

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One thought on “The mailbox and a guardian angel

  1. Love your style of writing, I call this my spidey senses. Be it Spirit guides, Guardian angels, ancestral spirits or just a friendly spirit, I Hey Mike, Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I look forward to checking out your Posts, 🙂 know, but I sure as hell do listen as they never let me down. Had a recent attack of the spidey sense only two days ago when I was out exploring some old ruins, wasnt a nice feeling so I got my shots and scarpered right out of there.

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