My corner

Do you ever need a corner of the world to vent out your frustrations about things nobody but the aimless wonderers will stumble across, for only they would truly understand?

This is my corner.

If you are reading this, fear not, for not all wonderers are aimless.

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6 thoughts on “My corner

  1. Hey , Thanks for stopping by and the follow. Im loving your blog, look forward to checking out your Posts, 🙂

    • Thank you. Your own blog is proving to be addictive. I really love the ruins you visit, they make me wish I was back in Europe myself.

      • Well great news there is plenty more to come. I try to post twice a week at least. Keep up with the great posts on your blog, they are fantastic 🙂

  2. Thanks, yours are too. I never knew about hog stones before, so I learned something from you today. Looking forward to your photos and their history descriptions to come.

  3. I am a wonder wanderer myself! Thanks so much for the follow and I will be perusing your space.

    • Its funny as I found your site through one of my favourite wordpressers (edmooney – who also posted here a couple years ago) Thank you! Lovely to meet a fellow wanderer!!

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